Life can throw some curve balls and when that happened, I was able to find employment with WorkStaffing. I am able to accept serving assignments around my work and family life. I really appreciate the professionalism of the core staff, and look forward to ongoing assignments with WorkStaffing.

Margie D.

WorkStaffing is a great company! If you desire employment, they will match you with work that uplifts your pocket, mind, and spirit. They are helpful in finding work that meets your scheduling needs. I also like that WorkStaffing offered me work that I can comfortably perform.

Kaosha R.

WorkStaffing is a staffing agency I would recommend to others. As a hospitality worker, I enjoy the opportunities of going to different venues and events, as well as meeting new people. If you enjoy variety, good pay, and freedom to choose assignments, WorkStaffing is for you!

Rayaonna S.

We appreciate our partnership with WorkStaffing. The office staff is professional, prompt, and helpful. The guys who come work with us are the difference between not meeting our department objectives and crushing them! We couldn’t do it without all of you!

Jessica H.

We’ve had a great partnership with WorkStaffing. They do an outstanding job knowing our business needs. They consistently provide strong candidates and get us good people fast! Wonderful staff, great communication, and very professional to work with. The support we receive from WorkStaffing is essential to our success.

Miriam P.

Work Staffing has provided a valuable service to our company and they work hard to do so.

Mike R.

WorkStaffing is a very professional agency. Anytime I need a little extra help I can always count on WorkStaffing to send out people who are willing to work and get the job done!!

Keya B.

We have been in a partnership with WorkStaffing for about eight years now. They always provide us with great and skilled workers that we need. They are a great company and are always friendly.

Tom F.

Our company uses WorkStaffing for special projects. Our most recent project was a request for 14 people to work for a total of 6 weeks. Whenever we have a need, we know that we can depend on the staff at WorkStaffing to fill our requests.